Don’t compromise yourself. You’re all you have.


There were only three days left and I had to ask my principal to write the recommendation letter for me to get into my dream college in Washington.

The only best part about leaving the city wasi could leave all the scars of my past right here and start a new chapter in my life.

I’m a real nerd other than books only video games and food keep me entertained.

Not like the rest of the girls at my school. I barely know how to dress up to impress. I don’t even know how to apply lipstick.

There was this incident when I tried applying lipstick for the first time in my life, which turned out to be a total disaster. People thought I had ketchup and forgot to wash my mouth.

I’m happy with my huge nerdy glasses, pale skin and an oversized body. I have a weird name too ‘Emmerson Stone’.

As I was walking through the corridor of my school  something struck. I got getting goosebumps thinking of that disastrous day.

Let me begin. I had a huge crush on a guy in my school. His name was Michael.

I was called baby elephant and all sorts of weird names in my school.

The whole school was behind me and wanted to make me realize about my flaws everyday. Except my bestfriends Nikki and Sarah. Not to forget my long time crush Michael. 

My teachers loved me. Perks of being a nerd.  Not that great feeling though.
I was never offended by the insults I faced and was totally used to it. 

I hated every guy in my school but Michael was an exception. He was special and different. 
It was my first day in my new school and Michael was the only guy to speak to me.  He made me feel special, made me realise that I too had a life worthy like any other girl. 

I had already fallen for him and things were getting out of hand. 
He had asked me out a few times. He had the best looks and any girl could fall for him. But when he asked me out I nearly got a heart attack. 

After so many attempts I agreed and we decided to meet in the cafeteria near my school.
I always wear a huge sweater with skinny jeans and avoid exposive clothes. 

Maybe he’s the perfect guy who accepts me inspite of all my flaws. I was not a blonde.  I had a boy cut which rarely girls at my school loved having.

The next day I got up early took a shower, applied some makeup (I can’t even imagine I did that), took out my best clothes that is a tank top with skinny jeans. I don’t consider them as best clothes but mom does. She brought this so that u can wear them when I get a flat stomach.

The moment I entered the class I could hear giggles and people whispering about me. It really didn’t affect me much.I didn’t find Michael. 

Only Nikki and Sarah appreciated the change. That kept me confident. Thank you! good lord that they are with me orelse I would just feel so deserted. 

After the last period I rushed to the cafeteria. I waited for Michael for about 15 minutes. Actually it didn’t bother much as I was so excited about the meeting. 
Michael came with a bouquet of flowers and apologised for being late. 
He looked well dressed as always. Hair done perfectly. Those emerald green eyes, mild yet so shiny and deep. 

He handed me the bouquet and complimented that I was looking beautiful. 
This made butterflies in my stomach flutter more than usual. 
We ordered two cups of coffee. 
Michael held my hand and muttered slowly “Emmerson I want to confess something “.
Hearing that my heart missed a beat.
“what?” I asked.
He just said those three magical words. This made me land on cloud nine. 

Then he placed his cold hands on my waist, exactly at that place where narrow part of my skin was exposed and pulled me closer. 

My heart was pumping so hard at that instant. Our faces were just a few centimetres away. I didn’t want to miss that moment so I decided not to move an inch.

He kissed me. 

I felt fire through my spine. I kissed him back. My first kiss was so perfect. Then he moved away and we went back home.

That night I couldn’t sleep. The entire day seemed like fairytale. 
The sun rays touched my face and I woke up. Realised that I had only slept for an hour. I got dressed quickly packed my bag and was off to school. 

When I just stepped in my school people were laughing as in some joker had come. I didn’t care and went to meet Michael who was standing in the corridor. 

I went and told him that I loved him too. But his answer surprised me. 

“Why would a good looking stud like me would date a fatty like you? Looser, it was just a dare given by friends that I had to kiss you!. Now it’s done and I’ve won the dare. So stay away from me ugly pig!”.

And he disappeared, leaving me all broken and lonely.

I sat there crying and feeling disgusted. I had to attend the classes so I washes my face and rushed to the class.

All the students were laughing and calling all sorts of disgusting names when I entered. I just wanted to curl up and die. 

God knows how I spent that day at school. After reaching home I told my brother everything. Atleast he would understand. 

The entire night I buried my head in my brothers arms and was constantly crying.

Author: mentalmathslover

Just giving a try in writing.

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